Help visitors navigate attractions with GYDER micro maps

The #1 event & attraction app that lets visitors navigate your event using our custom micro-mapping technology.

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Gyder micro maps app

Ensures your visitors don't miss out!

Ensure your visitors can make the most of their time with you by helping them easily find specific points of interest, locate nearby facilities and get access to special event offers. Our interactive itinerary ensures that your visitors don’t miss a thing and allow them to plan their day well in advance of the actual event. GYDER is the go to app for event goers that will boost your customer experience.

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Create revenue from your exhibitors through GYDER

An exhibitor’s primary focus is to attract your visitors to their stands. Exhibitors can ensure they are found with GYDER’s customised map pins, they also can promote their special offers directly to visitors with in-app advertisements and detailed stand descriptions giving visitors an understanding of what they have to offer and grab that special deal. Increase your revenue immediately by offer this features to your exhibitors at a price that is set by you!

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Help customers navigate your attraction with Gyder

Give your visitors the ability to find what they need to ensure their trip is a success. Get listed in our ever growing directory of events and attractions today!

Collect data on your visitors

Gyder has built in functionality to capture data on your visitors.  After a simple sign in, they will be able to access your personalised micro-map. Gyder’s ability to collate event analytics enables organisers to plan future events based on visitor interaction.

Visitors can easily find what they are looking for

Surface all parts of your event or attraction in a user friendly way. Your visitors can easily find what they are looking for by scrolling through a categorised menu of POI’s and facilities. Gyder also provides tailored advertising opportunities which can enhance the overall visitor experience.

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FEATURES Coming soon

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Visitor analytics dashboard

Live insights to see where your visitors spend their time during their visit.

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Find my nearest

Quickly help your visitors find facilities and event specific attractions.

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Post event analysis

Use the data we capture to see how visitors interacted with your event and optimise your layout.

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Promoted advertising

Our algorithm make in-app advertising opportunities more relevant to users.

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Event time tables & reminders

Personalise notifications so your visitors don't miss a thing.

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iOS App

Available soon on Apple iOS so that you can reach more customers.

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